Hand tracking

Once we first tried handtracking, we started looking for games where this awesome feature could be used, but surprisingly there were just a few apps out there, so… we got our hands on that.

We worked reeeeeeaaaally hard for getting it to work nice and smooth. It may look easy, but it took months to «ride the monster» and get a great gaming experience.

For everybody

Damn! We never imagined that making a VR game would be so tough! As the idea grew up, we got more and more involved… so we decided to start a company…  Geeeeez! such a great looong journey!

Now we need a boost. A bit of fresh air so we can hire some developers to help this happen. We are just a few blocks away.

No controllers

What does «indie» mean?… well, to be honest, it means you have to fight for your life in the middle of a shark tank, but that´s fine with us. We just keep swimming like Dory, happy and straightforward: look!… turtles! 😛

We are an independent company and yep, that means we need money and that we would be infinitely grateful if you can…

Join the tournament!!!

We are releasing our demo on November the 26th. We are also organising a Finger Gun tournament. Visit us on SideQuest and download the APK. install into your Quest 1 or Quest 2 headset and play! You will need to take a screenshot of your HIgh Score and send it back to us: info@mirustudio.eu

Also, you need to complete the following form… Any questions? get back to us on the email address provided or find us on Discord


Sneak Peek

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