Get to know us

(We don’t bite, we swear!)

We make accessible VR games with state of the art interactions

We are a VR game developer and publishing studio from the Basque Country. We love games and we love technology, so we mix our two passions to come up with the most advanced interactions for our games.


We are our team

Our most valuable assets is, without a doubt, our team.

Our team comes first. Made up by passionate, talented professionals that love their job Miru would be nothing without them.

We encourage a respectful, inclusive and transparent workplace in which every member can grow both professionaly and personally.

We also like to think of Miru as a boat in which every one of us rows together in the same direction. We organize team building activities to support that way of thinking about ourselves.


Because sharing is caring.

We trust games can be as impactful as anything and we act upon that.

We want to deliver the greatest experiences through our games and for that we take comfort, accesibility and enjoyability very seriously.

Comfort because we want to create safe spaces for our players.

Accesibility because everyone is welcome to play our games!

Enjoyabilty because, well. What is the meaning of a game if it is not enjoyable?

Comfort + Accesibility + Enjoyability = wholesomeness.

Innovation and technology

Keyboards and mouses are fine, but come on, we can do better than that.

We believe in new ways of interaction for the future of gaming, so we build our games based on a highly techonological foundation that allows for unprecedented player interactions.

We develop out games exclusively for VR/AR/XR devices.

Our first title, Finger Gun, launched on 2022 and was nominated for Game of the Year at the VRAwards.