Meet the team!

Manex Darceles

Co-Founder & CEO

Hey there! You are reading these words because you are wondering who I am. Let me tell you I don’t even know. I know I still have lots to learn, I know I love games and most importantly I know I love what we do here at Miru. Why don’t you go take a look?

Eneko Barandiaran

Co-Founder & COO

There’s three things I really like in life – any form of artistic expression, technology and challenges – and I’m pretty sure I’m in the right place for all three of them! I am also working on my lack of self control for peanut butter and overly dramatic movies.

Adolfo Navarro

Art Director

Illustrator, concept artist and art director with 12 years of experience in video games, board games and animation. Always willing to try new games and mechanics even if it’s to lose, as usual.

Daniel Rodriguez

Game Designer

Wasted way too much time playing games and learning about random things that were completely inconsequential to my life. As a Game Designer, I’m able to turn a lot of those «wasted» into «invested», somehow getting away with having fun while doing it.

Iñaki Navarro

3D & Animator

I’ve always remembered myself with a console, playing a video game, so I’ve always tried for that passion to play a big role in my life. I think I have found the way by becoming a developer myself!

Cristina Ruiz

Game Programmer

Debug.Log(«When I first turned on that Playstation 2 I knew right away that I wanted to be part of the great community of game developers. I like to think that 10-year-old Cristina would be happy with how far we’ve come. (And what we have left!)»)

Mikel Garikano

QA Tester

For as long as I can remember, I have always played video games. I’m passionate about them and now, finally, I’m helping create one. I’m also a comic and movie lover, and proud owner of an authentic Arcade.

Pablo García

Game Programmer

The first thing I remember playing was a GameBoy Color. Since I learned to program, my goal has been to create experiences that give people the same good moments as the ones I spent with that GameBoy. I also like psychology, photography, cinnamon buns and otters.

Rebeca Ortiz-Villajos

3D & VFX

Passionate about animated films and anime, I decided to study animation, and after four years of studying, I finally found my vocation in video games instead of in movies. Curious, isn’t it? 

Eduardo Montero

Game Programmer

I still remember trying to move to the left in Super Mario World for NES and not being able to. It made me dream about creating games that would allow movement in both directions. Years later, here I am at Miru Studio, a team that understands how important it is to be able to move in any direction!